The Aerial Trapeze
Details on Fabric and Colors

The fabric of our Aerial Trapeze is of a very good quality, as it is used by Aerial Artists for Aerial Acrobatics. Therefore, the fabric is very strong and durable. You can order with us Aerial Trapeze for your individual use, if you are instructed in Aerial Yoga, or for your Studio.

We have Aerial Trapeze in 30 different colors. You can find any color from a Dark Aqua to a Purple Jewel. Or from a Kelly Green to a Blue Storm. The color of the Aerial Trapeze showed in our Website Photos is Turquoise Sizzle. In the Studio Yoga8712 we use Aerial Trapeze in color Light Nude. The fabric is of high quality and tested.

We have fabric samples in all colors at the Studio. We will try to publish the images of the fabric colors on the website soon. Nevertheless, the original color of the fabric can slightly deviate from the published color image.



White  I  Black  I  Red Christmas  I  Royal Blue  I  Navy  I  Kelly Green  I  Gorgeous Gold  I  Burgundy  I  Blue Storm  I  Dark Red  I  Dark Aqua  I  Purple Jewel  I  Turquoise Sizzle  I  Yellow Sunshine  I  Hot Poppy Pink  I  Fuchsia Fizz  I  Lemon Lime  I  Silver Streak  I  Orange Pizazz  I  Light Nude  I  Baby Yellow  I  Pink Poodle  I  Baby Blue  I  Lavender Ice  I  Wisteria Bliss  I  Coral Melon  I  Seamist  I  Copper Penny  I  Wild Indigo  I  Razzle Berry



Order Details and Form
Ready to fly with your Aerial Trapeze? 


The length of the fabric needed for the Aerial Trapeze is dependent on the ceiling height. Therefore, you have to mention your ceiling height in Meter in the Order Form. This is necessary for us, to process your Order correctly.


The Price of one Aerial Trapeze is depending on the length of the fabric needed. The Aerial Trapeze will be delivered rigged, including two steel carabiner, for an average ceiling height between 2.40 m and  2.50 m. If your ceiling height exceeds 2.50 m, please contact us for a price calculation. Delivery Time is approx. 10 Business Days. Delivery Time is calculated from receipt of payment based on your order placement.

Price I CHF 250.00 excl. Packaging and Shipping


You can place your Order by filling out the Order Form and sending it back via Email. Or writing me an Email at
Download the Order Form by clicking here.