Mouna Aerial Yoga Teacher Training
3 Modules and the most comprehensive Aerial Yoga Training in Europe

As the very first Aerial Yoga Teacher Training School in Switzerland, you can learn this Yoga Form in 3 modules.

LEVEL 1: The first module gives you material for about 3 years of teaching. You receive in a short timeframe, more material than in any other basic Aerial Yoga Training.

LEVEL 2: The intermediate to advanced module, is very engaging and combines the knowledge of Marma Point Therapy with Aerial Yoga, practicing classical yoga asanas on different levels and hights. The manual encompasses more than 150 pages of knowledge, including Aerial Yoga advanced sequencing principles and aerial yoga advanced asanas.

Restorative Module: The Aerial Yoga Restorative module, is a very unique practice and based on therapeutic principles to really restore Body, Mind and Soul, so that deep recovering and healing unfolds. The training focuses on the restorative aspect (vs. Yin – there is a difference). It is the first Aerial Yoga Restorative Yoga Training inspired by B.K.S. Iyengar worldwide and so far absolutely unique.

Since the trainings differ from other Aerial Yoga trainings, you have to first participate In the Mouna Aerial Yoga Teacher Training I Level 1, as a prerequisite to register for the other two modules. In Level 1 you learn about the fundamentals of Aerial Yoga. The completion of the Training enables you to teach Aerial Yoga in combination with classical Yoga Elements in a safe and balanced manner. Find more information about the Mouna Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 here:



Training Content

In the Mouna Aerial Yoga Teacher Training I Level 1, you will learn the following:

  • How to use the Aerial Trapeze, Fabric, Rigging and Safety
  • Daily Aerial Yoga Class (4 x 90 min)
  • Fundamental Aerial Yoga Asanas
  • Alignment & Breathing Technique in Aerial Yoga
  • Aerial Yoga Asana Labs & Teaching Methodology
  • Introduction to Aerial Yoga Sequencing


Training Dates


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Training Registration


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To register for the Mouna Aerial Yoga Teacher Training I Level 1, you have to fulfill the preconditions for course registration listed below:

  • The Mouna Aerial Yoga Teacher Training is available only for students who are already
    Certified Yoga Instructors (200 H Yoga Alliance Certification)
  • or have graduated from an equal level Training in the Area of Fitness & Health, including a
    Module on Anatomy. In this case a regular Yoga Practice of at least two years is required.
  • Aerial Yoga experience is not required to participate in one of our Aerial Yoga
    Teacher Trainings.