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Aerial Yoga reaches Europe

A new form of Yoga has conquered the heart of the Yoga Community in the United States and meanwhile has arrived in England, Germany and Austria. Even in the south European Countries, such as Greece, Aerial Yoga has recently become very popular. Aerial Yoga opens your Soul and forms your Body. It deeply can touch our Soul if we are open to receive and experience the feeling of flying in space, which is the formless and origin state of our Soul.

A contribution to happiness

Mouna Yoga has experienced the deep heart opening effect of Aerial Yoga. This is why we aim to bring Arial Yoga to our origin Country Switzerland and make it accessible for all. We want to contribute to people’s happiness and to help opening up their field of possibilities. So that many of us can experience and live a deep inner feeling of freedom. We aim to further develop Aerial Yoga while integrating the grounding aspect of a traditional Yoga practice. Mouna Yoga focuses more on the Yoga aspect of Aerial Yoga and less on the acrobatic aspect.

The Art of navigating in Space while being grounded

Since ever the desire to reach for the sky runs deep in our human psyche. Aerial Yoga is magic and has the power to release every mental and body related tension. But more than that it makes you happy.

Aerial Yoga is the experience of playing and being children again, where the mind is in the state of possibility. This state allows you to create reality, your personal reality in an easy and playful manner. Practicing Aerial Yoga teaches you to trust. Trust yourself, trust the teacher, trust the Aerial Trapeze which holds you. Aerial Yoga makes you grow, evolve, become stronger in body & mind, while at the same time remaining soft, learning how to let go.

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Practice The Aerial Trapeze

In Aerial Yoga a specific type of fabric is used as ‘Aerial Trapeze’, which hangs from the ceiling, close to the floor. The Aerial fabric is soft and durable and holds your dynamic weight while practicing Aerial Arts.

The Aerial Trapeze helps Yoginis and Yogis hold their bodies in the shape of traditional Yoga postures. The weight of the body is either partially or fully supported by the hammock. Aerial Yoga Asanas are concepted to help the Yogi to better understand the purpose of traditional Yoga postures. Some Aerial Asanas are designed to achieve advanced traditional Yoga postures. Advanced Yoga Asanas can take years to learn. The practice of Aerial Yoga aims to speed up this process in a safe manner.

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